Tea and Toast at St. Nic's

Just because God loves you.

Had a good time?

After a night on the town we would LOVE to welcome you into our church for a cup of tea, some toast and a chat. We are open from 12 midnight to 3:30AM every Friday during term time

Design by Tim Elwood


St. Nic's Loves you

We want you to know, that whoever you are, God loves you. As a vibrant part of the Nottingham City Community you will ALWAYS be welcome at St. Nic's. Simple as that. So every week we are outside the night club simply because we want you to know this fact.


Please don't be a stranger to us!


We do Tea and Toast because we want people to know

1) That God loves you - no matter who you are or what you've done or not done.

2) That we as a community want to cherish our city and everyone who comes into it - to work or play

3) That we are here to help - if at all possible